Tonfa Police Baton – 60cm


Tonfa Police Baton – 60cm

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Tonfa Police Baton – 60cm


 tanfa baton, police baton


1. The length of the baton is 500mm or 600 mm.
a. The baton side handle is 145 mm long from centre of shaft. Shaft diameter measures 31 mm thick. The shaft handle is available with 8 mm rib rings or multi studded for a firmer grip.
b. The handle grip is approximately 100 long, with ring grips all the way down and a bulge at the top to prevent slipping. The side handle is 145 mm from the centre of the shaft with a smooth bulge hand grip for easy rotation and a bulge at the end.

2. Batons are normally black in colour

3. The batons are made from plastic (polyethylene).
a. Baton Properties: Batons are slightly flexible and can be used at temperatures down to � 30 degrees and up to 80 degrees, UV resistant, have good impact strength, unbreakable, good dialectic properties, low water absorption, no health hazards and non conductible.
b. Baton resistant to: acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohol, petrol, water & oil.
c. Limited resistance to: Aromatics and chlorohydrocarbons.

5. Markings An indentation of approximately 40 cm long is provided to allow for stamping of a logo, company number or identification number.

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