12V Alkaline Battery – Used For Remotes


12V Alkaline Battery – Used For Remotes

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12V Alkaline Battery – Used For Remotes


 12v battery, remote battery, alkaline battery

Battery 12V for Remotes (862-21-GP23A)

Gold Peak batteries provide long shelf life for backup energy purposes, superior storage capacity and high temperature resistance. The shape and aspect ratio of the A23 battery is similar to those of a common AA battery. However, an A23 battery is much smaller than an AAA battery measuring only 29 mm long and about 10 mm in diameter with a typical weight of 8 grams. An A23 is a dry cell-type battery mainly used in small electronic key fob devices, such as keyless vehicle entry systems, home security systems and garage door openers.
• Voltage: 12 volts
• Capacity: 55mAh
• Weight: 7.9 grams
• Height: 28.50 mm
• Diameter: 10.22 mm
Replaces: 23A, 23GA, A23, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, LRVO8, MN21, MS21, V23, V23GA, VR22, GP23A, RVO8, 23A, 8LR932, 8LR23, 8F10R, CA20, A23, 23AE
Compatible: Small electronic key fob devices such as keyless vehicle entry systems, home security systems, and garage door openers.

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