NOVA 2 Button Transmitter (Centurion)

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Centurion NOVA Transmitter, 2 Button

Product Description

Centurion NOVA Transmitter, 2 Button


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FIXED coded remote systems – particularly those using dipswitches to set the code, are very easy to copy or clone. They also offer a very limited number of possible codes. In other words, these systems only provide convenience, with very limited security.

CENTURION’s solution?

The award-winning NOVA remote controls offer code-hopping technology. Each code that is transmitted by the remote is totally and randomly different to the last code transmitted. This prevents unwanted copying of the remote signal and cloning of the remote itself. CENTURION NOVA remote controls offers the same level of security as currently provided by leading brand automobile manufacturers for immobilising vehicle alarms and activating door locks.

Main features

433Mhz operating frequency
Transmitters with one to four buttons
Transmitter quick and easy to open for battery replacement
Belt or visor clip supplied as standard
Transmitter body clip doubles as wall bracket
Self-learning receivers with one, two and four channels
Receivers incorporate stable narrow band technology
Weatherproof housing for receiver

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