Wizord 2 Electric Fence Energizer 2 Joule (Nemtek)


Nemtek Wizord 2 Electric Fence Energizer 2 Joule 

Product Description

Nemtek Wizord 2 Electric Fence Energizer 2 Joule


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Wizord 2i and 4i

The Wizord 2i ( 2J output energy) has been welcomed into this category of unsurpassed reliability and field testing success and stability.

The Wizord 4i ( 3.7J output energy) is the logical choice for domestic and light industrial installations where a medium powered energizer is required. This generation of energizers has been field tested for many years and boasts unsurpassed reliability. Simple to install and easy to maintain.


• High voltage monitor will alarm when the live wires are tampered with
• Earth wire monitor will alarm when the earth wires are tampered with
• Easy to use tag switch for controlling the unit
• Connectable to an armed response radio
• Gate monitor input monitors the position of the gate to indicate if the gate is open
• Lightning and power surge suppression built in to reduce the possibility of damage due to power surges
• Battery backup system in case of power failure
• Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy
• Siren and strobe outputs to indicate fence condition
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