1 x Roboguard BLACK Beam FULL Kit


1 x Roboguard BLACK Beam FULL Kit

Product Description

1 x Roboguard BLACK Beam FULL Kit: 1x ROBOGUARD V Beam inc mounting bracket. 1x ROBOGUARD HQ 1.0. 1x Siren kit with time delay. 1x 15W Siren


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Roboguard Wireless Outdoor Beam

• The Roboguard is a dual beam sensor that can be adjusted to cater for animals, foliage and extreme weather conditions, etc. to eliminate false alarms.
• The sensor will detect movement up to 20 metres away and has an arc of detection of 110°.
• The sensor can be positioned up to 400 metres from the HQ (and up to 800 metres with a repeater station).
• The Roboguard sensor is weatherproof, tamper proof, robust and impervious to lightning and ultra-violet light damage.
• The Roboguard has 8 ‘C’ cell batteries that will last up to 3 years, or more.

The HQ is an 8 zone decoder panel specifically designed to alert the end user of an intruder that has been detected by a Roboguard. The HQ also functions as a complete security system with or without a Roboguard remote.

The HQ can monitor eight Roboguards with individual intruder detected, tamper detect and supervision LED’s together with audible warning sounds.

• The HQ has a dedicated siren output and 4 other outputs to connect to other devices (Cell Module, Alarm Pannel ect.)
• The HQ also incorporates remote arming, disarming, panic and auxiliary via the Roboguard four button pendant transmitter.
• The HQ functions has resident NICAD 6v battery and has 15 hours of autonomy with a twenty five hour charge cycle.
• Incorporated with the HQ is the battery charger, a removable cable for the output switches and an Allan key to disassemble.
• The HQ can monitor other devices via the Roboguard universal transmitter which will “mimic” the Roboguard (electric fence, burglar alarm, and other types of sensor).
• Arm/disarm the siren and zone outputs with only a Roboguard Remote. The HQ will activate a siren output and pulse a zone output even with no Remote programmed in.
• With the on board UHF receiver and resident speaker the mobile HQ is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications, it is in fact a complete and comprehensive security system.

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