MI-Time Premier Time & Attendance Software 750 Employees (Amatec)


MI-Time Premier Time & Attendance Software 750 Employees

Product Description

MI-Time Premier Time & Attendance Software 750 Employees


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Important Note: All Mi-Time prices quoted are payable annually in advance
* Extremely user friendly
* Simple intergration to all major payroll packages
* Leave management
* Unlimited shifts and rosters
* Flexi / Daily / Weekly shift setups
* Auto shift detection
* Monthly / Weekly / Fortnightly / Daily overtime calculation
* Multiple Breaks
* Individual user setup with pre-allocated priviliges
* Ten detailed time and attendance reports
* Late in. Early out, Extended breaks and Absent checks at a push of a button
*Operates on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
* User friendly filters for quick report viewing
* Manual / Auto editing
* Employee setup include photos, contact details, employee numbers, ID numbers, allergies, etc
* Employee badge printing

Please Note: Prices available on the online store may not be the same as in store prices and cannot be quoted, Prices on the online store are only valid if purchased through the online store and not through individual branches.

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